Miami Beach Botanical Gardens, 2019.
In each work, I play with familiar historical formal painting compositions and use a predominant chroma/green screen color throughout. Chroma key compositing(better known as the green screen) facilitates the transformation of backgrounds into computer-generated landscapes, a common practice in television and social media. Now ubiquitous, Chroma green doesn’t just signify a color. It is a transient portal, a marker of unstable identity, and a place of transformation.

The work is divided into two parts; the woven panels and the videos that document those panels and the altered documentation of those panels using the green screen. In the exhibition, I used six weavings for the video transformations. I replace the bright green area with a video montage of original video material drawn from my phone—my body diaristic, studio pans, distorted selfies, and garden footage among them.

Portrait, 2019
Woven hemp and bamboo cord on wood panel
30 x 20 inches