Garden Selfie, 2019

Installation view of Selfie I(Arts Annex, Maine) 2019.

Studio, Selfie I, Garden Selfie(Three shorts) 2019

Head to Toe(still frame), 3 minute 42 seconds, video animation, 2017

Head to Toe, 2 minutes of 3 minute 42 seconds, video animation, 2017

Containment, 1 minute loop, 2016 
Collaborative Project:
Artist Moira Holohan
Dancer and choreographer Niurca Marquez
Music by Jose Luis Rodriguez

Flow State, 1 minute, Video animation, 2014
video installation(performance installation view), in collaboration with Monica Sharon and Angela Fegers
Dancers: Monica Sharon, Angela Fegers, Edwin Innis, Rivkins Christopher & Drummer: Kenneth Metzker(Courtesy Emerson Dorsch)

Flow State, 29 sec of 2 min., video animation, 2014

Untitled(copied II), three channel video(installation view), 2013(courtesy of Perez Art Museum Miami)

Untitled(copied II), 15 sec of one minute loop 3 channel video animation, dimensions variable, 2012

Again and again, 6 sec. of 30 sec. loop, 3 channel video, dimensions variable, 2012

 Elements, 10 sec. of 2 min., video animation, 2012

Exposition, Rising action and Climax(MoCa North Miami) 2011.